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 Manitoba needs more midwives. 

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In Manitoba, we don’t have enough midwives.

  • Not everyone who wants a midwife can get one.
  • There are no midwives in many communities.
  • Midwifery students want to work in Manitoba but there are limited opportunities.
  • Manitoba needs to create jobs for midwives and expand midwifery services.

Let government know!

We need more midwives.

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Dear Minister of Health,

    Manitoba needs more midwives. Research confirms that midwifery care leads to excellent health outcomes, more normal births and high rates of breastfeeding.

    I am asking the Manitoba Government to expand midwifery services in all regions of Manitoba and increase the number of midwifery positions in regions where there are midwifery services.

  • I would like to know about your plan to expand midwifery services in Manitoba.

  • Please contact me at: