Midwifery’s Importance For You

Learn about the benefits, and how to get a midwife in Manitoba

Are you pregnant? Ask for a midwife.

  • A midwife is a primary healthcare provider for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
  • Midwives are highly trained.
  • Everyone who is pregnant can ask for a midwife.

People who have a midwife are likely to have:

  • High rates of breastfeeding.
  • More likely to have a normal birth (low c-section rates).
  • Positive prenatal and birth experiences.

When you have a midwife, you can: 

  • Make choices.
  • Receive excellent prenatal care with all the labs and ultrasounds you need.
  • Try waterbirth.
  • Choose your planned place of birth: hospital, home or birth centre.
  • Access pain relief options in labour (medication and supportive care).
  • Receive postpartum care and excellent breastfeeding support.

How to ask for a midwife in Manitoba?

Call for a midwife on your own or ask your family doctor or nurse to refer you to a midwife.

  • Brandon  204-571-5530 
  • Steinbach 204-346-9480
  • Thompson  204-677-1777
  • Winkler 204-331-2167
  • Winnipeg  204-947-2422 (ext 307)

If you live in a region that is not listed above:

  • Call your health region to ask for midwives.
  • Tell the government you want a midwife (link to the next web-page).

Learn more about pregnancy and childbirth

There is so much information on the web.  It is hard to know what is a good source for pregnancy, birth and parenting. 

We recommend the Canadian pregnancy and childbirth website  havingababy.co  

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