Help to Grow Midwifery

Growing Midwifery in Manitoba

Right now, there are about 40 practicing Midwives in Manitoba. There are still many regional health authorities that don’t have midwifery services. The need and the demand for midwifery services would see close to 200 Midwives practicing in Manitoba.

Join with us, pressing the Government to increase the number of Manitoba Midwives.

To take action you can copy and paste the draft letter below and contact:


Dear (Premier, Minister of Health, MLA),

Midwives are an integral part of our healthcare system who facilitate the health of mothers, their babies and families. There are not enough midwives in Manitoba to meet the need or the demand.

I am writing to urge the government of Manitoba to increase the number of funded midwifery positions and to ensure quality midwifery education in the province. All Manitobans should have access to this important model of care.

Please tell me about the strategies and targets the government is using to meet the midwifery needs in Manitoba.


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