Find a Midwife

Looking for a Midwife

To find a midwife simply access the College of Midwives Website to find out if there are midwives in your region.

Unfortunately not all regions of Manitoba have midwifery services. Many of the regions that do offer midwifery services do not have enough midwives to meet the increasing demand for midwifery care.

If you would like a midwife or are looking for more information on midwifery care then please contact each midwifery practice in your region as soon as you know you are pregnant.

If you want a midwife and there are no midwifery practices in your region then please assist us in lobbying the government to grow midwifery in MB.

Using the services of a Doula may assist you in having an informed childbirth experience and connecting to the childbirth community in your area.