February 2021 ESW Registration

Emergency Skills for Midwives Course

Learning and Working Together
Birth Emergencies in Out-of Hospital Scenarios

COURSE DATE: February 19, 2021

Course Location: TBA

Organizing Instructor: Megan Wilton

Costs: $300.00 paid by e-transfer to mametransfer@gmail.com

ESW Manual and test access purchased at https://canadianmidwives.org/esw-products/

Agenda for Emergency Skills for Midwifes:
– Review online test results and questions
– Review new evidence and practice for midwifery care
– Hands-on workshop practising urgent concerns in birth

The Emergency Skills for Midwives Course is created for midwives by midwives.

The MAM Emergency Skills for Midwives (ESM) course is based on the Association of Ontario Midwives Emergency Skills Workshop. This course includes a presentation on new evidence for obstetrical emergency skills and an intensive series of hands-on scenarios (OSCEs) with a small group (up to 3 participants). Each scenario is followed by debriefing and discussion. The scenarios are designed with the challenge of demonstrating a variety of emergency skills. An online test based on the content from the AOM Emergency Skills Manual (2019) must be written prior to participating in the workshop.

This course fulfills the requirements for the College of Midwives of Manitoba Standard on Emergency Skills.

Emergency Skills Workshop Manual (2019) and Online Test
The AOM Emergency Skills Workshop Manual (6th edition, 2019) must be purchased from the Canadian Association of Midwives website. Participants should be aware there may be a 48 hour delay in receiving the manual. Manual and exam are purchased as a bundle and can be purchased online https://canadianmidwives.org/esw-products/

The online test costs $135 + taxes and must be paid by creditcard. Access the test by:
1. Visiting www.canadianmidwives.org/esw-products.
2. Contacting Annie Hibbert at the CAM office by email at admin@canadianmidwives.org.

The workshop includes successful completion of an online test accessible through the Association of Ontario Midwives website. This test does require that the participant have an excellent understanding of the entire manual content with an 80% passing grade. The participant must bring a printed copy or a screenshot of the certificate of completion or email a digital copy to the Course Organizer by 9pm night prior to the workshop.



DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: Registration and fees must be mailed to the Course Organizer FOURTEEN days prior to the course date.

CANCELLATION: Refunds are given if you cancel 7 days or more prior to the workshop date. Confirmation of Registration will only be made if the fees have been received.

OFF CALL: Midwives are expected to be off call for the entire workshop (off-call the night before is recommended)

Babies/Toddlers: Due to the nature of the ESM course, children are not permitted.

Cancellation: Please note that MAM reserves the right to cancel an ESM due to insufficient registrations, ten days prior to the course, in which case registrants will receive a full refund of registration fees paid.